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I am found guy that like what is otk spanking

In terms of BDSM play, many dominants use over the knee spankings to dominate their submissive as it humiliates the submissive and allows the dominant full control. Spanking over the knee also prevents the spanker from 'mis-firing' and hitting the lower back or thighs. For a dominant, an over knee spanking is great because it leaves the submissive exposed in many ways, they get a great view of the submissive's behind and allows them to build tension as the submissive will not know when they will next be punished.

What Is Otk Spanking

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The employee's escape is similar to Fred sliding down the dinosaur's tail in the opening credits of The Flintstones. How 'bout that Bob. Stands for "over-the-knee spanking. Pretty much self-explanitory; a spanking given while the sub flipped over the Dom's knee, much like you would spank .

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Top definition. Traditionally thought of as racy and kinky, this fall the mainstream shoe stores are well stocked with OTK boots. A One Turn Kill OTK is achieved when a player wins a Duel in the space of a single turn, as soon as said player has the appropriate cards in hand and has control over the duel.

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