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I'd like searching lady what is a breeding kink like flirtbook

Yes, a breeding fetish is a thing. It involves risk, anxiety and apparently triggers a primal desire to breed. Chris Donaghue told Broadly.

What Is A Breeding Kink

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A breeding fetish is a strong attraction to the idea of getting -- or getting someone else -- pregna nt. For some, breeding fetish may be more about role-play and fantasy, and partners engaging in it will use contraception. But for many, breeding fetish involves the exchange of body fluids, so partners risk getting STDs sexually transmitted diseases in addition to a potentially unwanted pregnancy. A pregnancy fetish is an attraction to pregnant people. The fetish might include an appreciation for how bodies change during pregnancy.

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You have given me all a whole bunch of inspiration. My partner Sir and I sub both have a breeding kink.

Thank you!!! Fill my fertile un-protected womb with your cum. The history nerd in me is extremely aroused at this idea. Posted by 3 years ago. My sub likes to say, breed me like the bitch I am. Put a baby in me.

Devaluing and dehumanising me. A diverse group of warm friendly, knowledgeable, kinky people. So many hot ideas! Love the idea!

Breeding kink - video

Maybe not what you're going for though. Have an issue in your kinky relationship? I'm very sub-y when I have sex but generally more dom-y play wise. Impregnate me master, breed me please.

Heheh I like this a lot!!! Reducing myself to just a vessel for him to get what he wants. I love doing scenes with a little role reversal - so instead of him being on top impregnating you, you could hold him down, ride his cock, and tell him you're not stopping until he blows his load in you! But when I was, my Dom enjoyed me saying things "spray your hot cum deep inside my body". Thank you so much for sharing.

So much more to try and use at a later time. I mean, hey, I like calling my little girl a "Brood Bitch" in those moments where I'm having a breeding fetish. Breeding kink, what do Doms like to hear?

Ask us. Created Sep 30, Top posts october 18th Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top. Sooo awesome! Or please master breed me I need to be breed so bad. It's a little bonus too if he 'tries' to struggles a bit and 'tries' to buck you off. He liked to think he was defiling me, ruining my body and holes. How he'll come home to me in a white dress with wet spots in my breasts and he will lick them dry. No, not exactly sexy Cheers and hope y'all have a great time!!

It will be a fun night! I know I can ask him what he likes to hear, but I kind of want to surprise him a little tonight Edit: what a wonderful answers from everyone! To me, even better is the idea that it was an arranged marriage, you were given to him to produce an heir, you were thrown together by circumstance and you sort of "have to do this, we must produce a son" Like you grow to love each other within the confinements of the circumstances. My womb is begging for your cum master. You're not alone.

Thank you all so much for your inspiring tips and stories. That's a fun one I like.

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Want to know more about a specific technique? Sort by: best. O-O I'm gonna borrow that I have to say I fucking loved every second of it x.

If you're looking for graphic content, or overtly sexual material, we're not the place for you. Plant your seed in me. Thank you all for being such a nice and open community. I feel that I'm always stuck with saying the same things "Fill me up with your cum, Give me your babies Any ideas of what Doms like to hear from their sub with a breeding kink?

He liked to think he was using "me" as a whole, he wasn't cumming in my pussy, he was cumming in my body, in my stomach, in my womb. I want to carry your. I'm not in a submissive relationship anymore.

That's where the breeding kink comes in for me. Pick up a what to expect when you're expecting and tell him all the details of your change when he breeds you.

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Use of the term "baby batter" makes me laugh. Think you have a fetish, but don't know what to call it? Continue this thread. I would get you pregnant so many times you would think we were mormons. Honestly this is the psychology behind romantic historical novels and movies, some think. I used bits and pieces from people here and came up with something fitting our dynamic.