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I submissive couple stories like hunting for male who wants dancers

Paul was reading the Sunday Sport, perusing through the contacts section when an ad caught his eye, Dominant Couple seek submissive pair to train. If you fancy this ring for a chat.

Submissive Couple Stories

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I am sure that many men and women who are just discovering their submissiv Back to writing again after a big gap, and hope to write more frequently New Year resolution. Thanks for your comments and s. I deeply appreciate your kind words and encouragement, as well as your criticism.

Age: 24
Nationality: Austrian
Color of my iris: I’ve got dark gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My sex: Woman
Other hobbies: Riding a horse

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I get turned on when a masculine guy willingly submits to my authority. Box XXXX. Her hands clasped in front of her in a gesture of modesty.

‘sub couple’ stories

He stepped out of his shoes and pulled off his shirt. His chest was well developed and covered light with a mat of hair. I love seeing the fear in his eyes as I tie him down and he knows that he cannot escape. I selected a riding crop and gave the nipple clamp she wore a light tap.

Pain shot through her and showed on her face. Phil became increasingly aroused until his rock hard cock stretched the fabric of the briefs. Their eyes studied me for an instant and Phil was about to speak when I said, "Come in and strip -- one at a time. With a look of defeat, her long slender fingers slowly slid her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them.

I love seeing the look in his eyes when I order him to strip down.


I ordered Jolina to suck Phil's toes. I watched them as they walked toward the front door. The sun had just set and it was not yet dark. Was it what he needed? Slowly, she sank to her knees and wrapped her mouth around her husband's big toe.

He responded, "We will be there, Sir. And thank you, Sir. Atthey pulled into my drive. She was awkward in her attempt, but finally succeeded in securing the tight waist band in her teeth and began to inch them down. The thin fabric of the briefs outlined his cock and balls, both of which were impressive. Phil's being allowed to retain his last vestige of clothing seemed to intensify Jolina's nakedness, at least in her eyes.

She worked the briefs down over his left hip, revealing his pubic hair. His arms were solid and thick. The proportions of his body were ideal.

I attached a clamp to each of her nipples. I've trained lots of men in the arts of pleasure-pain. Her eyes looked pleadingly at mine. She looked up and their eyes locked.

Both are obedient and need training from dominant male or female. I liked the sound of Phil's voice -- a rich, masculine voice with a submissive quality.

He stepped out of his jeans and was about to slide the white briefs down his legs when I ordered him to stop. They held each other's hand, as if to give the other emotional support. Phil walked next to her and had the perfect physique. Their faces betrayed the anticipation and fear they felt and their eyes darted nervously at the windows.

It is always a hot scene for me -- and I make sure it is a hot scene for my boys. She began to gently chew on his right one and Phil's face registered pleasure. His nipples were large and cone shaped. Phil's expression was again one of pleasure. I remained silent.

‘submissive couple’ stories

I made it clear that if they chose to submit to me, they would be required to do whatever I ordered. As the pain grew in her own tits, she increased the intensity with which is worked on Phil's until his face grimaced with pain and his breath came in gasps. Both were very attractive. Phil said that he and his wife had received my letter the day before and had spent the night talking. His fingers unbuttoned the fly of his 's and he slowly slid them down his powerful, hairy legs.

It was clear that her love for him made it virtually impossible for her to hurt him. Finally, she was able to grasp the front and with one gesture, pulled the briefs down his legs, releasing his cock and heavy balls. She turned her attention to his right side and was eventually successful in lowering the briefs still more. I led the two of them into the basement and, after handcuffing Phil, I secured his wrists to an over head beam next to an old doctor's examination table I'd had for years and, on which, many slaves had suffered.

Finally she managed the courage to remove her bra, revealing full breasts with large nipples. He said that they taken turns dominating each other but it hadn't really satisfied either of them. He looked puzzled but obeyed. Jolina had an excellent figure that her clothing didn't hide.

Phil won out and Jolina began to slowly remove her clothing. I was enjoying her humiliation. Her long blond hair framed her face. I gave him my address and ordered them to report at p.

His back was well muscled and his ass was perfect -- the type of bubble butt that athletes so often attain through hard workouts. He is 29, 5'10, athletic. I'm good at it. I love watching his muscles tense as he feels each new wave of pain. A few minutes later, I ordered her to direct her attention to his ankles and made her work her way up his legs until she had reached his crotch. She began to gnaw on it until I gave her permission to stop.

She was obviously embarrassed and her deep blue eyes avoided mine. His tight jeans displayed his narrow waist and muscular thighs -- and a substantial endowment.

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Phil's nipples were an angry red and obviously sore. He agreed. I've had my share of experiences with those of the female persuasion -- but that was a long time ago. She is 26, 5'7, athletic. I love the look of determination on his face as he struggles to accept the pain.

HOME - Celebstar. I sat down to watch their strip tease.

Submissive couple stories

She removed her shoes and jeans first and then her top. Without comment, I looked at Phil and he began to strip. She gently nibbled at his cock and he moaned with pleasure. It's a labor of love.

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I stood and walked around him. Wearing only her panties and bra, her figure was near perfect. Phil's briefs strained to hold his endowment and his excitement was obvious. After submissive couple stories minutes, I ordered Jolina to work on the other.

After reading it several times, I decided to respond. The agreed that they wanted to submit to me and awaited my orders. I told Jolina to remove Phil's briefs with her teeth. The knit shirt he was wearing displayed muscular shoulders and arms. Neither of them could really get into the dominant role. Had they ever submitted to anyone before? She opened wide and took as she sucked the two egg sized jewels into her mouth.

Phil related one encounter with a professional dominant before he was married. It was okay -- but "she didn't get into giving pain as much as I thought she would. Slowly, she got to her feet and her mouth touched the masculine, brown nipple. I opened the door just as Phil was about to ring the bell. My desire to dominate has always been directed toward men, but there was something about their ad that got my juices flowing and I decided to offer my services to them.