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Scot lady selfbondage ideas male to bites

You will find many more scenarios in the forum. TheStorm This girl is not dancing any more

Selfbondage Ideas

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Warning: Do not attempt to use these techniques without adequate back-up, this site takes no responsibility for any actions taken by anyone who attempts to use the techniques, ideas or suggestions shown here. If you're unsure about it - then don't do it! Cummings,et al Autoerotic fatalities by Brent E. Handcuffs Basic guide Release Mechanisms Getting out.

Years old: 25
Ethnic: English
Sexual orientation: Dominant gentleman
Tint of my iris: I’ve got clear gray-blue eyes
What is my figure type: My figure type is chubby
I prefer to drink: I like liqueur

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Ideas self-bondage selfbondage bondage technique ideas.

Self bondage ideas

Inflatable lounger with a built-in stroking machine. Condom clothes. Stretching and splits.

State of the art butt-plugs and dildos. Self-bondage scenarios and not tested self-bondage ideas. I didn't know how to call the section which is not directly related to the selfbondage techniquebut rather to the "entertainment" during the SB sessions, not yet completed scenarios, thoughts and "mental speculations".

Part III. Leather over chest posture collar for a party or self-bondage. Full-body condom and self- bondage ideas. Cover-all latex sleeveless and inflatable suits for self-bondage.

Part XIII. Flag-holder-bondage-butt-plug for DIY self- bondage devices.

Self- Bound, gagged, plugged, blindfolded and stuck in mud. Part II. The basics. Red latex catsuits and black harnesses. Medium term office self-bondage scenarios.

Unusual pantyhose and self-bondage. Cover-all latex sleeveless and inflatable leotards for self-bondage.

About self-bondage scenarios and requests see also the forum thread. Short self-bondage scenarios.

Part VII. The Intimidator Anal Plug and self-bondage scenarios. Stretching and semi-suspension. Part I. The general idea.

Self-bondage art. Self-bondage techniques and ideas. And finally called it "Ideas". What is the ideal harness?