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Roleplay partner finder woman hunting for guy for sex

Hi there mod! I'd love it if you'd write the Sirius to my female OC, and I don't mind doubling up. I RP here on Tumblr.

Roleplay Partner Finder

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My main themes that I write are fantasy, both modern and medieval fantasy, romance and definitely angst! I have fantasy based characters like demons and what not as well as a few others, although my demon girls are my favorite. We can discuss this more in DMs! I am searching preferably for a MxF with you playing the M. I would love to get to use them! God this is one of my most important rules that always gets ignored.

My age: 42
My orientation: Man
Iris color: Misty hazel
My sex: Woman
Figure features: I'm quite thin

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Must be semi-lit to literate, descriptive, and write 2 paragraphs minimum. Anonymous asked: Hi! Anonymous asked: 21f, looking to play a female oc against emmett from a quiet place on discord.

Encounter folk from an endless array of worlds, now out here the rim, their cryosleep shuttles bearing peoples from a boundless array of species, backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations. I also do doubles!

Posts Mobile Rules Archive. Plotline would most likely be some sort of AU and can be decided through plotting. I'm up for platonic rps with my characters as well!

Feel the call of a great magical vortex that spans the galaxy, imbibing it's denizens with mysterious abilities, mystical powers, and measureless technological capabilities Engage in collaborative theorycraft and worldbuilding to flesh out your own character, inspire others, and help make the universe feel truly alive.

Submit your OC, or shoot me an ask for any questions you may have, on my blog and OC! I only do ocxcanon.

Inspired by settings such as RimWorld and Foundation, a diverse group of colonists land on an uncharted world at the fringes of the galaxy, tasked with building a new home for their budding community. Anonymous asked: hello! Anonymous asked: Greetings, folk!

Anonymous asked: Hey! Anonymous asked: hi!! I think my last ask got eaten, so I'll try this again. I ship my character with either Soda, Dally or Darry.