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Touching yourself without permission. Mommy: Are you?

Mommy Domme Tumblr

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This is not mine, but I have done it countless times over the last couple years. I find it best to use a Poise Medium pad instead of the flimsy maxi p, but either way, Enjoy! This may take a couple of minutes.

Years: I am 32
Tone of my eyes: Big gray
Sex: Female
In my spare time I love: Painting

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We are genuine people, we do this for fun, when it suits us. Please be respectful I will block if needed.

I am 43, my baby 35 perhaps 3 as a lg U. I am my little boys mommy and this is the blog for us. I post things that interest me, are kinky, cute, what remind me of my Punkin, and everything in between.

I do not claim any photos that I post unless stated. I've been a Daddy to my very special girlfriend for 8 years She is the most beautiful happy little girl when she is wrapped up in thick diapers, yet no less beautiful when in her adult clothing.

There isn't much about mommies so replace the word daddy with mommy and little girl with little boy. In love with the most amazing little in the world. Mommies and little boys need love too!

Posts Likes Following Archive. MdLb Blog I am my little boys mommy and this is the blog for us. Mama's Blog Hi! Not looking for anyone right now.

Feel free to send asks, I love answering questions or helping out the best I can. Top Photos.

Diapers and her being a baby are just a small part of our life, but they add a bond that no 'vanilla' relationship could offer.