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Thai chica search male especially for men in pantyhose stories

I remember when I was staying at my aunts house. My aunt had a nice pantyhose collection as I think most aunts do.

Men In Pantyhose Stories

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I try pantyhose for the first time, enjoy it, get my buddy Corey to enjoy it too and we become sissy buddies. Story by Rubbertransformation. I took the DVD back to the arcade area and into one of the viewing booths. I shut the door and then insert the DVD into the slot and drop in a dollar in tokens. The screen jumped to life and the opening credits eats up one tokens worth of time.

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She cleaned me off and laid next to me and had me tell her about wearing hose.

Stepson love my pantyhose legs

She got off and rolled me on my side pulled down my hose and jerked me off. So I made no attempt to change or move. Wow thats alot. She said so you like to dress up nice heels.

I said I am sorry for going itno your room. She said oh I see what up your a big pervert.


Many couples wear pantyhose together, and more men wear pantyhose than you think. I smelled every inch of both and have to admit she had a better smell then my girl. Shhe said you better not cum. Submitted Stories. She had fun with me telling me she loved seeing me struggle in tight ropes, She says it payback for all the times I tie her up! SHe seemed pissed. At first she was smiling then she was in shock.

I decided to go back to my girls room and spend the rest of the day jerking off. I saw her black mary jane looking heels and I slipped them on! She said Heres the deal I want you to show me what your doing or I am going to rat you out.

I looked in and she was a messy person so I decided to snoop and as I opened the closet I saw some hose and work out tights well wanting to find out what her feet smelled like. I never thought it would be her roommate! Soon as I got aroused she would help me get off soon those brown leggs hose were trashed. It was a great feeling I walked down the hall and passed her roomates room. Do you enjoy wearing pantyhose?

She sat and rubbed her self as I mmpphed and struggled losing one shoe and after a bit the other. For More Stories. She then noticed I had her hose and she saw the tissues. I got off and was laying there posing and doing a bit of shoe play.

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I handed her the black tights! She stripped to her panties and said toss me one of me hose. I heard the door open and close not thinking, I assumed it was my girl. She sat and put them on! I often make her do it so now I had too.

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I then began sniffing and stroking. She took out the ropes and ballgags you have been bad. Soon I was ballgagged and hogtied on her bed! She teased just don't mess up my pantyhose K I said I will try!

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I had a great dayand night. Later that night I was wearing some black sheer enegry control tops with reinforced toes my girls heels. And there stood her roomate! We parted ways about an hour before my girl came home. She stood there I was like oh shit! I told her my favorite kinds and about being tied up and tying other up. I got them on and was aroused already.

I was hanging out at my girls place well she was at work, she had told me her roomate was out of town so I was free to lounge around. She rubbed my legs and soon she slipped her hand into her other pair of hose and grabbed my cock and began to stroke me she said now I want you to cum. I figured she would see me and we would get it on. I took them both the hose brown leggs sandal foot, the workout tights were black danceskins they even had seems.

I got caught wearing my girlfriends pantyhose and heels. SHe began to have me tell her some of my fantasys as she stroked and I smelled it was miuntes before I lost it she gasped! As I was laying there I called out my girls name and the door opened! I see you have my pantyhose too!

I said I guess you better put your feet in my face she said ok and planted her feet on my face! I was trying to choose my words so she wouldn't explode.

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She ran her hands over my hose she told me to loose my shoes while struggling. I was getting hard seeing this she said now what I see we got two things going your hard and you have me wearing my hose! She left and I went straight for her room and found a worn pair of coffee colored Berkshire hose I loved the sheerness and the way the reinforced toes look thick. She said oh no big deal. SHe rubbed my legs oh it was so hard not to cum I had to stop several times.