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The term "fetish" may evoke images of black bodysuits and complicated sexual contraptionsbut you may already be acting out some of the most common examples. Spankingfor instance. What defines a fetish, though, isn't what the activity or object of desire is so much as the role it plays in someone's life. Fetishes can also be a term people use to describe sexual arousal that is coupled with a typically non-sexual object," says sexologist and psychologist Denise Renye.

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Someone with a foot fetish is literally turned on by feet—thinking about them, touching them, seeing them—and could potentially get off on everything feet. Age play is a form of role play in which one or both partners pretend to be and get off on being an age other than their own.

From a to z, a list of kinks and fetishes you should know about

Such perspective is crucial because it helps us understand and empathize with those who do catch feelings for more "out there" objects, because kink shaming sucks. Electrostimulation involves using the power of electricity—aka getting an electric shock—for kinky, sexy fun. Maybe one or more! One with a nylon fetish may enjoy the look and feeling of toes, feet, and legs wrapped tightly in nylon stockings.

Since, by that same strict definition mentioned before, a fetish is attraction to an object or body part, pregnancy fetishists go wild for the sight of a swollen, round belly.

More than anything else, impact play requires consent and communication. As you explore, what you're okay with and what you're not will likely change, so it's important to keep a running dialogue about your limits for more on that, see "L" on this list. Side note: While bondage is a kink, using nylons for bondage is separate than having a nylon fetish, in which the nylons themselves produce the sexual arousal, rather than their usage.

Another common example is the "daddy dominant—baby girl" setup. To better orient yourself in the world of kink, check out this list of kinks Glamour created—one for each letter of the alphabet. Before trying any new sex act, obtaining enthusiastic, continuous consent from all parties involved is a must.

11 of the most common sexual fetishes

Likewise, the partner going downtown may enjoy having something thrust far enough down their throat that they start to gag. Impact play refers to the use of hands, paddles, whips, or whatever you have around your house spatulas work great to hit the body.

Secretly scouring the internet for a list of kinks to try with your partner can feel subversive—and hot.

Bondage is a form of restraint—pretty self-explanatory. Japanese bondage is one variety of bondage that is typically done with rope.

They're used for myriad sexy things, like the underrated hand job, fingering, and back massages. If anything becomes uncomfortable and not in a good wayimplement your safeword immediately. No matter what you're into, kink is about consent, communication, and compromise. This includes lingerie, feet, and sex toys so if you've ever fantasized about your vibrator, welcome to the world of fetish.

26 kinks, fetishes, and terms you should absolutely know

A nylon fetish—yep as in tights—often accompanies a foot fetish. Foot fetishes are one of the most common fetishes out there, especially for heterosexual men.

While quirofilia can absolutely use hand jobs, fisting, or fingering use of hands to directly create sexual pleasure some hand fetishists might get off on hands doing mundane tasks, such as picking up groceries or doing chores. Gagging refers to lightly choking on an object to the point of making gagging sounds. One of the most common misconceptions about humiliation play is that it's antifeminist.

Calling someone "baby" or dressing up like one is totally okay if everyone involved is into it. Not all BDSM acts are physical. Some partners may indeed discover they have one when their partner is expecting, but others are attracted to the rotund pregnant belly regardless of whose body or baby it is.

Not quite as glamorous as the Greek word makes it sound. They may want to smell the nylons, or have them shoved in their mouth. If you've ever playfully spanked your partner during sex, that's impact play. Hands are sexy.

As always, discuss humiliation beforehand and keep it consensual. However, such an understanding of objectum sexuality is limited. Some of the best Shibari artists, such as Garth Knight, hold high-art showcases in which their subjects are tied up and transformed into trees. Some people enjoy being tied up, while some enjoy tying up their partner, and others like both. A specific fetish for hands is referred to as quirofilia, which may manifest as an attraction to fingers, a great manicure, or simply some smoking hot hands. Like any new kink, start small, slow, and choose a safeword.

This kink isn't just for heterosexual couples—people of all genders and orientations can enjoy cuckolding varieties. And nope, you do not have to any sort of contract—all you need is enthusiastic consent from all parties involved. Who kink favorite list

11 of the most common sexual fetishes

For the uninitiated, learning about kinks and fetishes may feel intimidating. A fetish technically refers to an attraction to an inanimate object, although this includes body parts, such as feet like a foot fetish. Klismaphilia is a glamorous Greek word that means "arousal by enemas.

So even if you don't have a foot fetish, having a partner with one can be extremely enjoyable as it means there are potentially foot massages galore in store for you. This particular kink generally refers to receiving pleasure from receiving an enema, although there are those who get off on administering enemas as well.

Your partner may be okay with being called a "slut" but not a "bitch" so be sure to define your boundaries. A kink is defined as a sexual activity that falls outside of sex that society traditionally considers "acceptable.

By literal definition, a fetish—any fetish—is an attraction to an inanimate object. Impact play can be done alone, yet also pairs well with other kinks, such as name-calling and age play.

This kink can also be quite practical—it's a way to clean and prep the rectum for anal sex. The media frequently portray objectum sexuals as freaks and weirdos falling in love with things such as the Eiffel Tower, a boat, or their couch. Objectum sexuality—aka a "fetish"—refers to a sexual relationship or attraction to an inanimate object. Aside from the fact that orgasms and having sex near a due date may help induce labor, there are also those with outright pregnancy fetishes: sexual attraction to a pregnant person.

Kink favorite list porn videos

But like all kinks, foot fetishes exist on a spectrum. Remember, kink is all about continuous consent and what makes you feel your sexiest. First things first, understand what is a kink and what is a fetish? Although kinks and fetishes are becoming more mainstream, they can still feel taboo. Humiliation can also play a strong role in a foot fetish: The fetishist may want feet shoved in their face and mouth, or to have their partner walk all over them, touting how filthy kink favorite list feet are and how pathetic the fetishist is to enjoy such an activity.

The flip side of masochism is sadism named after an eighteenth-century French noblemanin which someone derives pleasure from inflicting pain of a physical or emotional nature. For others, there's an element of voyerism to the cuckolding as well.

If age play turns you on, start out slow by using words like baby or daddy next time you and your partner are getting frisky. The attraction may also include an interest in lactation, or other symptoms of pregnancy, but such is not required. A more "extreme" and less common example of age play is full-on role-playing where one partner is turned on by wearing a diaper and acting like a baby. The male partner need not be present—perhaps he gets off on the mere thought of his partner having sex with someone else.

Important note: Though the books and movies did help make BDSM kinks more mainstream, they're not totally accurate. Other foot fetish activities include giving pedicures and smelling the feet or shoes that said feet reside in throughout the day. If you're new to the idea, start with your hands and some good old-fashioned spanking before spending money on more heavy-duty whips and floggers.

Chances are you've already experienced what could be considered ultra-lite age play if you've ever called a partner "baby" in bed. The anus is an erogenous zone, after all, which helps explain why kinky folks have been using enemas for pleasure forever. A hard limit is something that you are certain is off-limits, such as electrostimulation. Role playing is another common kink, which involve people taking on characters outside of their day-to-day lives as part of a sex scene. This is one of those preferences for which you need to be extremely careful to take the correct safety precautions, use an ironclad safe word, and obtain continuous, enthusiastic consent.

Consent is paramount in kink.

Kink favorite list porn videos

While fetishes are inherently sexual, many times the activity or object the fetishist is interested in may present itself as nonsexual in nature. To up the ante, you can purchase shackle mounts or suspension bars. With this particular kink, the dominant partner derives sexual pleasure from taking control.

So, if you enjoy being spanked, humiliated or spit on, you might be a masochist.

From a to z, a list of kinks and fetishes you should know about

Your hard and soft limits will likely evolve the more you explore, so it's important to keep having these conversations with your partner. It's used by hospitals to relieve people of constipation or to prep for certain medical procedures. So a fetish is a type of kink. Obviously, getting shocked can be dangerous, so electrostimulation begins to get into another type of kink called "edge play," which refers to risky BDSM behavior that runs the potential of doing actual bodily harm.

A common example of humiliation is name-calling and verbal abuse. In fact, in the age of rapidly advancing sex doll technology, we may all soon be a little bit engaged in objectum sexuality.

This can be as simple as putting on a nurse's outfit and as elaborate as constructing an entire scene complete with character development. It doesn't necessarily take a giant object to induce gagging—something smaller can do the trick too. The term is named for Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a nineteenth-century Austrian author who wrote the book Venus in Furs, which details what's now considered a typical BDSM "master-slave" relationship he allegedly was the "slave" in his own such arrangement with his mistress.

Writing out your hard and soft limits with a partner is a wonderful way to get to know another side of each other.