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Kink Conventions

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As an umbrella term for an expression of sexuality, kink refers to sexual practices at the edge of eroticism and outside what might typically be considered conventional or vanilla. Just as there exists more than one form of sexuality, similarly many forms of kink exist. These can include but are not limited to power exchange, bondage, submission, domination, sadism, masochism, fetishes, role play, race play, age play, and fantasy. Practitioners kink conventions these and other forms of kink have a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved which are firmly grounded in a set of beliefs underpinning its foundation: consent, boundaries, and safety.

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We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to seeing POC representation though.

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ABCs Of Kink. Share it. In the past influences have been rather cis male dominated, frequently assuming a heteronormative narrative. Thank you! There was a stellar line-up of teachers imparting decades upon decades of perspective on how kink works within community, as a relationship style, and as an ever evolving set of skills to be approached with safety, research, and technique in mind.

Like this: Like Loading Questions, curiosities, or just wanna know more? As usual it was jam packed full of an amazing array of people and events to check out and learn from.

Con-munities of kink: fetish-friendly conferences and conventions

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This writing takes time, research, and consideration. There were even parts of the con I sadly never found, like an art gallery somewhere in the building and some classrooms buried in the bowels of the hotel…. May 6, Return to top of. Though the queer and BDSM communities are leagues ahead of vanilla society when it comes to learning about and conversing about consent and negotiation, even the kink world is undergoing important shifts these days.

Kink conventions: the best weekends

Talk to me, and thank you for participating required. I was lucky enough to attend the classes of some of my favorite kink educators including: Lee HarringtonWiseguy, Thista MinaiWintersongSkylaand Midori a shoutout to other educator friends of mine who were teaching this weekend too: Sara Scalper and Rope Rider.

It is my art. Address.

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Con-munities of kink: fetish-friendly conferences and conventions

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Please visit my Patreonoffer one time Support or me for other options. This convention and events like these are absolutely places I go to for my own socialization and fun, but they are also some of my favorite places to continue my education as an educator, as a professional Dominant, and as a sexuality, kink, and identity coach.