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I would kajira names seek lady who wants gypsy

Albrecht - A warrior of the Kassar.

Kajira Names

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It can convey to the kajira what you feel they need to learn for instance, if a kajira has not yet learned that they are slave, or needs regular reminding, a particularly low or minor or short name may be in orderor how you wish them to think of themselves. Naming a kajira 'urt' makes it plain how the kajira is considered, while naming a kajira 'beauty' tells all how you see her. Bear in mind at all times that the name will be taken within the kajira. If you give her a harsh or unpleasant name, that will be how she will come to see herself, as well as how others will see her. Much damage has been done to kajirae in this fashion, bringing the kajira to see nothing of beauty in her own kajira names.

What is my age: 18
Body features: I'm strong
I like to drink: Gin
My hobbies: Dancing

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Ubars: Marlenus Ar Chung Port Kar Eteocles Port Kar Nigel Port Kar Sullius Maximus Port Kar Henrius Sevarius Port Kar Lurius Tyros Chenbar Cos Lara Tatrix of Tharna Female.

Assassins: Pa-Kur Master Assassin Kuurus Assassin T. Physicians: Parp Scribes : Torm Clark Phanius Ibn Saran Farouk Hakim Slavers: Targo Ho-Tu Samos Tavern Owners: Spindius Hesius Tasdron. Kaissa Players: Scormus Centius Qualius Kitchen Master Zosk Wood carrier Andreas Poet Kron Metal worker Tersites Ship Builder Hup Baker Henrak Rencer Eechius Rencer Thurnock Peasant Clitus Fisherman Barus Leather Worker.

Metal Worker Bjorn Farmer Grim Shepard Achmed There is no attempt to put them in any order.

Tarn Keepers and Racers: Menicius Keeper Kliimus Racer aka T Cabot Melipolus Initiates: Om High Initiate Complicius Serenus High Initiate. Admir PK Relius Warrior Haakon Tarnsman Rim Jarl Murmillius Warrior Tab Warrior Bejar Capt PK. Cpt PK Sarus Cpt Tyros.

Others: Nar Ianda Sardar Tafa Port Kar Asperiche Torcadino Villages Clearus Those that were Panther Girls before becoming kajira are denoted with a PG after their name. Warrior Ivar Forkbeard Huntsman Raf Warrior Thorgeir Warrior Finn Broadbelt Jarl Harif Warrior Saud Zev Mahmoud Warrior Wulfstan Maximus Hegesius Quintillius Wagon People: Tolnus Parvaci Conrad Kassar Hakimba Kataii Kamchak Tuchuks Harold Tuchuks Albrecht Kassar.

Adminstrators and City or Town: Gurt Kassau Phanius Turmus Turia Minus Tentius Hinrabius Ar Dorna Second of Tharna Female. Aretai Tribe at Oasis of Nine Wells. Male Slaves: Al-Ka male Tarsk. Warrior Seremides Warrior Kuurus Warrior Ho-Hak Rencius HoBar.

Capt of guard Ha-Keel Warrior Kamras Cpt Turia. Butter Pan hilda Honey Cake.