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What is my age: 39
What is my ethnicity: Dutch
Sexual identity: I love gentleman
Gender: Fem
What is my hair: Ash-blond
I like to drink: Brandy
Other hobbies: I like hunting

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John Are Truly Astonishing.

She was pretty much exhorted by a typical stage mother. Write a Comment Required Name Required Website.

She also featured in the dismal Eight on the Lam. Of her four relationships, which comprised the late sports car racer Lance Revent low, laundry heir Neil Dubin, son of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton, and easy-hearing crooner Jack Jones, she seems to have found her soulmate in present husband Robert Wagner whom she wedded in after an eight-year courtship. Get help.

She ably traded sexy gags in the engaging TV pilot to the hit series The Name of the Game and scored a major coup as the ever-tantalizing Tiffany Case, a ripe and ready Bond girl, in Diamonds Are Forever. Making her TV debut in The Christmas Carol inJill started blossoming and attracting the right kind of attention in her late teens.

Victor - January 8, 0.

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She ed with Universal Pictures at age 16 and earned her film debut as perky support in Summer Love. Actress Nude Pictures Jill St. John nude pictures.

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in. On stage and radio, she appeared at the age of 5.

American actress Jill St. A tremendous piece of s eye candy, Jill St. An extremely bright woman in real life, she was smart enough to play the Hollywood game to her advantage and did so for almost two decades before looking elsewhere for fun and contentment. Moving ahead, she replenished the bill as a slightly dingy love interest in such innocuous fun as Holiday for Lovers, The Remarkable Mr. And others.