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From Britney to Lindsey to Paris, the s were practially the golden age for going commando. Though these ladies were accused of being spotlight-seekers, I've often wondered if they were really just ahead of their time in terms of their vaginal health. But some experts do say going sans undies at night has its perks about the pros and cons in this guide to going commando.

Going Commando In School

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I go commando almost every day. Not to mention nasty I wouldn't do it if I were you.

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Danielle keating

But when you wear underwear, everything is pushed up and held closer to the abdominal area, leading to higher temperatures and potentially reduced sperm counts, which is why men going commando for fertility concerns might be more common than you think.

By: Neda Shamsdiba. If you want comfort wherever you go, you might want to figure out which mens underwear styles are just right for you. When going commando men tend to have a far harder time hiding sweat stains and wet spots that inevitably form in the crotch area.

So why are men going commando, and why should you avoid it? Hemp Boxer Briefs. Men's Underwear.

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Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking and breathableso you can minimize sweat and maximize air down there, without your only option being ing the men freeballing demographic. Plus, while your favorite jeans, pants, or shorts might fade or tear after too many washes, hemp underwear will only get softer!

With men freeballing, and eliminating the barrier between the most sensitive body part and rough fabrics, especially with jeans, chances of chafing increase. Triangle Bralette Racerback Bralette. Underwear adds an extra layer of fabric around your privates that can sometimes lead to more sweating.


But without a protective layer of underwear and nothing between your pants and your stains and spots, things can get awkward pretty quickly. Hello You! our mailing list. But lounging at home in soft shorts is probably as far as going commando should go. A big reason for men going commando is reducing sweat and maximizing airflow.

This is especially true for men who have to dress up all day, like in a suit for work. The testicles hang below the rest of the torso to maintain cooler temperatures because sperm are pretty sensitive to heat. Research shows jeans can be worn for weeks or even months before being washed. But just like there are risks to women going commandofrom embarrassing stains to painful jock itch, and more, men can also suffer a lot from letting it all hang loose.

The Most Comfortable Pair of. Mens Packs Womens Packs. Without underwear catching all the sweat, dribble, and smells that you create throughout the day, your pants are going to get a whole lot dirtier, so expect to do more laundry. Are you all about a comfortable, protective layer of underwear, or do you like to hang loose?

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Some research has shown that wearing tight-fitting underwear can negatively affect male fertility by lowering sperm count. The perfect underwear will give you all the support you need without any sacrifices in comfort. When going commando men generally do it for more comfort, better sperm production, and less sweating. us at cs wamaunderwear.

But there are other ways to reduce sweating and get more air down there than men going commando, like opting for hemp boxer briefs or hemp boxers. Sometimes going commando makes sense, like under swim trunks or when you occasionally need to let it all hang loose.

No underwear means less restriction, which can be more comfortable, and when going commando men tend to consider comfort a ificant benefit of their choice. But when you skip the underwear, it can create the perfect condition in your pants for jock itchor more formally, tinea cruris.

Danielle keating

As far as chafing goes, when going commando men might get the wrong kind of burn out of workouts, regardless of gym clothes. Jock itch is a red, itchy rash that forms as a result of a fungal infection, and it can lead to painful blisters. Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

For the best protection, opting for a natural fiber barrier between your skin and clothes is the best bet, like when you rock antibacterial hemp underwear. And not wearing underwear means more air can circulate down there, which I imagine feels pretty good.

My Cart. While no one likes to think about it, your underwear soaks up sweat stains and wet spots that gather throughout the day.

Skin chafing is the result of skin rubbing against itself or rough clothing, which can lead to redness, rashes, and even enough discomfort to make walking painful. Posted on Mar 22, 0 Comments.


But for the most part, as far as ing the men freeballing team goes, the risks outweigh the benefits. But all of these downfalls of underwear can be avoided by wearing comfortable hemp boxer briefsloose hemp boxersand all-around breathable and moisture-wicking hemp underwear. When going commando men find fertility protection to be a good reason.