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Elite baby gfe club forum up male for bites

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How old am I: 20
Where am I from: Malaysian
What is my sex: My gender is woman
My figure features: My figure type is overweight
What I prefer to listen: Latin
My hobbies: My hobbies blogging

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I second what Wolfie, my best CFI drink in' buddy, has to say about what you will experience at the resort especially when it comes to a "true GFE. You will be charged a fair price with a minimal deposit for a fantastic experience with no surprises, gimmicks or other attempts to separate you from your money.

I am not looking for any crazy adventures. I would hate to show up and find out "that costs extra". When I decided to take this type of vacation, I looked into all the options and had almost settled on another place. This past January I spent 16 days at the resort, almost all of it with the same companion who was most certainly not a "mechanical super model.

Maybe I'll see you there. Thanks again for your reply. My opinion is that CFI is the best choice for what you want. I have an out to BD for the brochure and book something real soon. Everything about CFI is deed to protect your privacy. I have been reading your thre as well and has helped clarify a bunch of things.

Looking for % gfe experience

Now I'm booked for 8 days in late April. You want one girl for the duration, all yours, that's not the issue. Then I found the forums for CFI and the other place. They will always make sure you are happy and satisfied. Thanks jaybee I am not looking for mechanical supermodels.

You can get pool side drink and meal service when you get tired of enjoying the cool spacious veranda overlooking the lush gardens.

Do all the companions offers all the services mentioned above? The staff is friendly and efficient. It is also why CFI veterans don't give the name or exact location of the hotel.

Edited on Feb 22 after reading BD requesting not to put competitors name in the forum. There is free one-day laundry service.

If they're guaranteeing 15 girls per guest it sounds like a feeding frenzy. Good luck my friend Wolfie. I will be very open and honest with my need so you guys have direct me in the right way. Although, since it is public, it does provide an honest cover story and legitimate telephone for those who might try to contact you.

The hotel service rivals any 5star resort with its very personal service.

After reading almost every post in CFI's forum and some posts in the other forum I saw a big difference. The first other place Bulldog doesn't like to have other resorts named herethe price is over double the price at CFI. I'm spending less for 7 nights at CFI than they charge for 3 nights.

Looking for % gfe experience

What you pay for is exactly what you get. The king size bed is comfortable. This bothers me because, they will probably be pushing to make the sale, and nothing is written down. The rooms are kept spotless. I am guessing you got everything you asked for and some more. Personally, if I want that atmosphere I can find a strip club. - the pursuit of perfection

General Board. Thanks all. This is why there are no real names or photos on this forum. I have an out to BD asking for the brochure Edited on Feb 22 after reading BD requesting not to put competitors name in the forum. I have been reading your posts in this forum. - the pursuit of perfection

Also, the reception description doesn't sound like a prelude to a GFE experience, it sounds like a strip club: "Each girl will introduce herself and offer a quick lapdance", and "mingle, touch and feel all you want no problem here, in fact, they will touch you more than you will touch them. Though I am still torn between another resort, yet another resort and this place. I understand more than most what you are looking for. She is yours as long as you say she is gfe club forum. This is my first post here. You will be treated like family by the staff who are always friendly and helpful.

As CFI veterans can attest, the public status has ZERO impact on you and your chica but, for legal reasons that don't need detailing here, provides welcome security and peace of mind for all CFI guests. For the other place, cost is also an issue, and I can't figure out what they include in the package.

Appreciate your response. Posts: Hello gents, This is my first post here. While the sex might be mind blowing, it sounds like the chicas will all be desperate to get your attention and keep it.

Yes I have no plans of treating anyone to make them feel like crap. Welcome Wrongname I did all the research, just like you and it sounds like we are looking for the same thing.

Don't let the "public" aspect concern you. Here's some things that I noticed about the other places you mentioned.

They are minor details like how much extra cash I should ideally carry, what is a good tip - I am a good tipper, but I don't know what "good" is over there. What do you need a coupon for? I have been searching for some adult vacations in DR for some time now and came across this club fantasy deal and looks like exactly what I am looking for.

Questions: Is this resort the right place for above mentioned requirements? It talks about coupons. What happens when you use a coupon and it turns out to not be what you expected?

You can do so either publicly or via private message. The menu is extensive for a small hotel.

There are no hidden or extra fees for anything except for excursions and special arrangements with BD for two companions or other fantasies. As I have said many times I have researched the island thoroughly. Thanks Caliguy. I might have some more questions before I do the actual booking and before I leave. Feel free to ask any and all questions you might have.

The bedding is changed daily. In my opinion, the resort is the best restaurant in Boca Chica and I don't need a reservation. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this chica is a human being with feelings. It seems as if you need to talk directly to them to get answers. I am in a middle of a messy divorce with the love of my life at least that's what I thoughtand looking for a place to gorelax and not worry about anything with a woman next to me. Thanks Wolfie. Treat her with respect, you may just fall in love like I did. The rooms are spacious.