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I am dirty snaps tumblr up guy who like hustlers

BTS snaps.

Dirty Snaps Tumblr

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Can I request a chubby readerXHoseok lactation kink?

How old am I: 29
Where am I from: Vietnamese
Tone of my iris: Bright gray-blue
Sex: I'm girl
I can speak: Spanish
Favourite music: Opera

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Hey please send me in asks, snap requests and smut request.

Anonymous asked: Okay I might or might not have put viagra in your drink for a YouTube video prank Anonymous asked: How many requests do you have? Originally posted by seoksjin.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I also write them as g! I really wanna see how moan times I can make you cum during this movie, maybe I can make you squirt too.

Anonymous asked: Still don't have enough requests? Anonymous asked: Plese write some g! I hate 29 asks here.

I was going through alot of mental stuff, plus I just recently went through a death in my family. Originally posted by girlgroupnetwork.

Dirty bts snaps

Anonymous asked: Why was I being so bratty? Still don't have enough requests? Originally posted by dazzlingkai. What do you want me to write?

Send a name and a kink get a drabble. Why was I being so bratty? Posts Ask your buttercup something Archive.

Originally posted by ewkpop. Originally posted by kgirlsgroups. Mommy Originally posted by seoksjin Daddy Originally posted by dazzlingkai Sir Originally posted by kgirlsgroups Daddy Originally posted by mamiyong.

Originally posted by mamiyong. Anonymous asked: "I want moonbyul to fuck me so hard I'm crying from overstimulation and I call her daddy.