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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 02 March - AM. I'm really curious to know how people keep track of theirs, if they do.

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Instead, I'd rather have something that 'means something' and isn't bought. It is amazing. Just telling them how well they did and how proud you are of them. Long story short, there are a million ways to make your little feel loved, regardless of how much money you can spare. Sort by: Ascending Descending Go. What is my Little Age? Littlespace Online. You can also "thumb kiss" by holding your thumb to the screen: The print will show up on your partner's screen, and they can put their own thumb over it. Being that I don't have the spare money to buy them stuff, I always feel super bad that I can't reward them.

Who liked this post. By Princess - 3 years ago. A little voice recording I could listen to, or a video I could watch would ddlg rewards a wonderful thing too, and a letter?

Another possible reward would be to give them other privileges, like the ability to stay up later and talk to you through skype and if that isn't available, you can record a small video for them to see and feel loved. By minahbird - 3 years ago.

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See our forum FAQ for questions we no longer accept due to the frequency of them being asked. Remember me. So for me things like longer phone calls or bedtime stories don't really work, but your little might be different! By Bigbear - 3 years ago. By that, I mean things where you've taken the time to do something you'd do with your little. I feel guilty if someone buys something for me because I don't have a lot of money to reciprocate, and I always feel as if like deserves like. Even a few minutes' talk is a wonderful distraction from whatever's bothering me and makes ddlg rewards feel, just for a little bit, like someone really cares.

They don't have to be good, or even fancy, but the fact that you thought about your little, took the time to sit down and do something while thinking of them, then took the time to pack it up and send it would be so incredibly thoughtful.

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Please ask specific questions or for specific input. Personally obviously not speaking for all littlesI'm not big on gifts anyway. Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, adult babies, middles, babyfur, diaperfur, and all other Bigs and littles discuss regression, relationship dynamics, have open group conversation, share experienced advice, and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge.

By isaac94 - 3 years ago. Is it still called Age Regression if you suddenly don't have a regression age? If someone gives me a gift, I feel I ought to do the same though the reverse isn't true.

Topic Contributors. Long Distance Rewards for Littles? If you'd make crafts, send those.

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There's also a drawing function that lets you send scribbles or even create pictures together. I haven't been read to since I was a toddler, and to me that's one of the most soothing things in the world. There's also an app called "Couple" no quotes on the store where "you can photos, create shared lists, and add dates relevant to your relationship to a calendar. Other things, if you wanted tangible things, that I personally would love, are surprisingly little things.

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You don't even have to spend a penny. Sort by: Author Post time Subject.

Ageplay reward ideas for littles

There are quite a few things you can do, it is just harder to reward and punish littles when it is a long distance relationship. I just like to give gifts, I never expect anything back. One daddy I talk to sometimes online he's not mine but he still looks after me now and then if I'm upset or feeling sick is like that.

I personally love when mommy lets me stay up later so I can watch more tv with her.

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Any time I ddlg rewards a letter or from someone, I treasure it, because it's something they've taken the time to create to tell me things about their life, and that's special. Top list. We suggest only asking one question per post for the best answer opportunities. Do any other caregivers have this problem, but more importantly, what are some other ways llittles enjoy being rewarded?

Note: Personal are NOT permitted. Such as, they may have an extra can of pop or some extra candy. User mini profile. Forum rules: This section of the site is for open, group conversation and public discussion topics within the community.

Just simple re assurance can be so rewarding. Honestly, I think praise is a really great reward? All I have to do is post on my blog if I'm not feeling well or if my anxiety's bad, and not long later, he messages me to say hello and talk to me for a while.

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Books stickers anything that they would love none of it has to be expensive trust me just the thought they would love 3 set up a later bedtime and suprise ddlg rewards with a Skype call! An actual, written as opposed to just recorded letter saying what you did that day or how you felt? By Dangerzone97 - 3 years ago. Go to DateCGL to find a special someone, partner, to date, or any other type of special connection. If they have rules about things like sweets or bedtimes I think giving them special permission to eat more sweets or stay up late is awesome. They would love to see you're face and they would be excited.

It could be a pair of toilet paper tube binoculars with stickers all over, and I would set it in pride of place where I could see it always. Use Netflix for the movie selection and start it togeather 5 just remind them how amazing they are. Isaac mentioned reading a bedtime story and I will confess, that's something I would absolutely adore. Being that I am mainly long distance, my absolute hardest problem is rewarding a little when they have been good.

Ageplay reward ideas for littles

By dmz - 3 years ago. By Lacie - 3 years ago. It's super sweet and I'm sure it will put a smile on your littles face. Re: Long Distance Rewards for Littles? Tell them genie being good and you're happy with them.